May 17, 2016

Be Nice to Nerds? Really?

'Be nice to nerds, chances are you will end up working for one', Bill Gates

Really? WTF propaganda is Bill Gates unknowingly doing?

How blind you can be to the dualistic sexual strategy of women?

Be nice to nerds, to console them for their asexual life and single-handed nights, while you go ahead and spread the wet and juicy for the Alphas. All the while preparing those Betas to become potentially (very) wealthy, and marry them when you are ready to do the right thing.

Sorry, but you can take this strategy and shove it up your.

Remember, Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

May 8, 2016

Quora Question/Answer : "Which are the practical ways to take one's own wife to bed after 2 kids and 10 years of married life?"

Question:  Which are the practical ways to take one's own wife to bed after 2 kids and 10 years of married life?

Answer: I will try to guide you sir, if you can invest some time and effort in yourself, you can expect to see (and maintain) changes.

Let's begin.

May 6, 2016

Environment-Friendly Rules Being Enforced in Jalandhar, Punjab

Jalandhar City railway station marker and a hawker
Jalandhar City Railway Station
Image by Rakesh

From some time, I am noticing implementation of environment-friendly rules in Jalandhar, Punjab (India). And unlike how the government affairs usually are, they appear to be enforced the same for everyone.

April 29, 2016

Open Hypergamy Flashed in Nivea Advertisement

I saw a Nivea advertisement (April 2016, India) for a women's underarm product, in which I felt flashes of Open Hypergamy. I could not find the video online, so I would describe the main points. We see a young, slim, attractive and energetic woman getting ready in the morning and using the product.

February 14, 2016

Jumping the Barrier from PPF to Equity for Investing

Till recently, I was completely in favor of assured returns investments like PPF (Public Provident Fund), FDR (Fixed Deposit Receipt) and not even looked at other types of investments like buying/selling shares or mutual funds.