April 12, 2015

Come On Mother, I Don't Have Whole Day - Cutting In Line By Some Devotees When Paying Obeisance (Darshan)

Mata Chinpurni's durbar as seen from the havan kund, on left

People try to game the system, advise you to follow the rules, while they themselves bend the same rules for disproportionate personal benefit. But what about when you are going to pay obeisance (darshan) to God?

January 5, 2015

Not In My Backyard - No Parking Banner In a Busy Market in Punjab, India

Seen here at Rainak Bazaar, Jalandhar in Punjab, India a stern warning to not park any vehicle in the surrounding area.

The banner has unfriendly smiley and photos of live vehicles of which tyres were deflated. And at the bottom is mentioned that this notice is by local residents.  

All in all, the message is strong and in our hours of shopping around I think no one parked their vehicle around this area.

October 8, 2014

Bank Of India Missed Call For Balance Number To Call


This number is working as on Oct 2014. Also note that a previous number 02233598548 has been discontinued and no longer works.

This information is for convenience and kindly contact Bank Of India for any query.

September 28, 2014

Patched Up With My Dogs After a Long Time

Due to recent overtime at work for a couple of weeks, I have been coming to home late and tired. And leaving for work in morning next day ensured that I did not get time with my dogs.

Brownie, my pet dog is shy and introvert (like me?) and I noticed she began keeping distance from me. I knew that now me and my dogs 'needed to talk'.

This morning, I had to bring milk from market and I took this as an opportunity to mend things with Brownie.