Army Attachment Camp , N.C.C. Army Wing, Senior Division c/o Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar. Under "2 SIKHLI" (selected photos)

04-Oct-2005 to 19-Oct-2005, Army Attachment Camp under NCC Army (PB/SD/04/12431) Wing, 2 SIKHLI Regiment (orange color line yards etc), in Jalandhar Cantt., near Dheena didi di hatti, Sansarpur barrier near Sansarpur Barrier, Jalandhar Cantt.

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This my recollection of the camp, written a few hours after my return to home:
I had taken NCC seriously after schooling only. In school, the NCC (army), which I did in 8th and 9th, was by force (Balbir Singh Sir) and more or less reluctantly.
It was my II year in college and II year in NCC army wing. To complete the eligibility for "B" certificate, one camp was must and so I was allotted Army Attachment Camp.

For me the prospect of going on a camp, to be out of home and its comforts and out of touch with family and that too for the very first time in my life was definitely worrying. But it was more of a necessity and also a challenge to be taken with open arms.. took some guidance from knowledgeable friends and prepared to the best of my ability.

A day in the life at the camp (like the diary of a POW...oops!)...

Reached the camp (talking about 04/10/2005) at about 11:00 am after wasting a lot of time at the Battalion office, (just four houses from my house)..totally new environment..traveling with 30 of my 'comrades' who depending on my people-handling skills could be made 30 allies or 30 hostiles...learned quite a lot of things at the camp.

We were to wake at 04:00 am if to successfully make to the 5:45 am fall-in. then a fifty-minute or an hour PT or drill and we had to dress accordingly. then breakfast and other modifications to the uniform to be made till 08:00 am. then we had the most interesting part of the day.. daily to learn something new like armored or artillery or army aviation or air defense. then returning at about 01:30 pm and taking lunch ad then the evening fall-in at 05:00pm for evening sports..I played basketball for a while and then after a few days made this PT time my rest and reflection time.. enjoyed the sunset like I had never before in my whole life..watching the sun go down to come up again made my resolve to be as successful as possible even more concrete ..after a tiring schedule daily, going to bed and getting some undisturbed sleep was a luxury.

There I got to know the real pleasure of sleeping and more importantly the power of dreams..and yes the usual rebukes of low quality food etc etc notwithstanding the camp was an enjoyable and if doesn't affect my studies a worth repeating experience. I guess never in my life will I be able to get that close to a live tank or a smaller version of BOFORs gun or operate 10 bullets if INSAS rifle..

These are the memories I'll cherish and look backwards in times of trouble in my see that what I've learned there can and should be implemented in every second of the life.. the more the things change the more they remain the same.
  1. preemption
  2. enemy must be eliminated--no mercy
  3. wimps have no life
  4. you get what you deserve
  5. and so.. be aggressive+hard working
  6. and then some more that DISCIPLINE IS THE BEDROCK OF SUCCESS
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