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Sheroo, our pet dog published in a page of the famous

Sheroo, our Golden Male Labrador, father's pet dog has been featured in the article of "Ideal Dog Schedule" by Dr. Debra Primovic. It's an honor, thank you

The photo was clicked just casually in the front small porch of our residence 1035 Urban Estate, Phase-I, Jalandhar and now has been 'immortalized'.

2 Articles published in college magazine, The Beas 2005-06, Lyallpur Khasa College, Jalandhar

The magazine- "The Beas 2005-06, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar"

Funny incident with Black Labrador, Noddy

A couple of days, in the morning, Noddy was a little upset and panting. I took him to the lawn for a walk. Normally because people are taking a walk, we don't enter the park.

Moow moow...!

Most of the cows owned by dairy owners and otherwise, often visit home for water, food and love.

Here they are enjoying the green grass and cool weather.

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