So what if I am old now, I could lick ur face? :-)

So what if I am old now, I could lick ur face? :-)
Image by gopal1035
My father's Late dog (golden male Labrador)

Labradors are a well-balanced and versatile breed, adaptable to a wide range of functions as well as making very good pets.

As a rule they are not excessively prone to being territorial, pining, insecurity, aggression, destructiveness, hypersensitivity, or other difficult traits which sometimes manifest in a variety of breeds, and as the name suggests, they are excellent retrievers.

As an extension of this, they instinctively enjoy holding objects and even hands or arms in their mouths, which they can do with great gentleness (a Labrador can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it). They are also known to have a very soft 'feel' to the mouth, as a result of being bred to retrieve game such as waterfowl. They are prone to chewing objects (though they can be trained out of this behavior). The Labrador Retriever's coat repels water to some extent, thus facilitating the extensive use of the dog in waterfowl hunting.

Maybe he's waiting at the rainbow bridge.

Text courtesy: Wikipedia