How I did not let the Company of Heroes annihilation to end

even with my HQ and other resources being, well, annihilated.
Company of Heroes (CoH) is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game developed for Microsoft Windows by Relic Entertainment 
Annihilation mode: To win, the player needs to destroy all enemy buildings. This does not include observation posts — only base structures, bunkers, and controlled buildings need to be destroyed. 
(Credits: Wikipedia)
In the last mission of Battle of Carentan, where after rescuing Dog Company, "I have to set up a base of operations and call in reinforcements", I just simply couldn't establish the base.

Every once in a while an attack would come and my preparation would be diverted to that- that attack would be neutralized but I would be back to square A.

After clicking around and whacking my brain for hours at end, I sort of made my mind that this time, maybe I'll just delay the end for as long as possible.

Now, listen up to what I did and try it just in case you feel like enacting a stalemate:
  • Train about three snipers.
  • Make them "Camouflage" and "Hold your fire".
  • Just hide them around in corners, where they will be away from any enemy/vehicle
There, though the sight of ruined HQ, dead soldiers and mangled tanks may be uneasy, but you didn't let the enemy win.