"happiness in the eyes"

Youngest brother Vivek published in an international site of happy smiles.
more screenshots herehere

SmileMyDay is a growing collection of everyday people like you and me in one of the best moods- smiling :)

Vivek is lucky and his page is Cute Smile - Smiling kind with happiness in the eyes

Psst..you too can submit your happy moments to this site here

Keep smiling!

With God's Grace, Vivek and Grandmother make it to the prestigious site once again. This photo was shot while we were traveling and at a stop, when I didn't allow Vivek to get out, he began complaining about me.
Screenshot Sawaran Lata and Vivek SmileMyDayDOTcom crop
more screenshot here

Grandmother and Vivek share a page on this wonderful site here Warm Smile - a secret whispering that make me laugh

Well, keep smiling!