An Introduction to (Indian) Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE), with Suggested Reading

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) is one of the many ways to enter the Indian Military. Others include:
  • via written exams like NDA, CDSE
  • on the basis of graduation (Like BSc, BTech etc)
  • on the  basis on NCC certificates, etc
In my opinion, a candidate should try all options and give as many SSBs as they can.

CDSE is attempted in the final year or after graduation. The minimum percentage they require is usually 55%. They take their own test to grade the candidates in the order of merit by a written test (objective type, negative marking)
  1. English-100 marks, 2 hours, compulsory
  2. General Knowledge-100 marks, 2 hours, compulsory
  3. (Elementary) Mathematics-100 marks, 2 hours, optional
The main site to consult during the form filling, venue registration and results too is the To clear the first step, the written test and that too with good marks requires hard work for a couple of months.

If you are successful in the written exam, you'll receive a call letter for the Services Selection Board (popularly called the SSB Interview). It is one of the toughest interviews and in a way easy too, because they are intended to test the real you-they will create pressure and make sure that they select mentally strong candidates.

After securing the merit in SSB, is the thorough Medical Test.

If you successfully complete the medical test, and make it sufficiently high in the Merit List and this coupled with the preference order that you filled initially in the form, you would be selected and informed of the beginning of the course.

Suggested Reading:
Best of Luck. Jai Hind.

About me: As for me, right now, I am a student of BSc(Information Technology) and have a total civilian background. Till +2, I did not even consider the Army etc. as a career option. Now, I consider that as a great mistake. It should have at least figured in my list when I chose what I wanted to become in life. Then in college, I joined NCC (National Cadet Corps). It was instrumental in "confirming" my desire to be an Officer of the Indian Army (Thal Sena) and that too Commissioned (quite simply, you get your appointment letter from the President of India, and that's something, isn't it?).