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My India Shining: 2008, It's Time To Add Mobile to Basic Necessities of Life

Old days: Roti, Kapda aur Makaan
2008 and beyond: Roti, Kapda aur Makaan aur Mobile A person who presumably makes a living by cutting grass and selling it to stables etc, talks on his mobile.On other occasion, while I was in the air-conditioned office of my mobile company, a person who looked more like a laborer and got his simple handset recharged with an international card of Rs 2500.India is talking :)

Please Don't Leave Your Loved Ones Behind Because "Reh Ke Sajna Door Farak Tan Pai Hi Jaanda hai"


Why I chose XP over Vista

There has been a considerable debate among buyers and techies alike on whether upgrading to a newer version on Windows is worthwhile.

Operating Systems are (system) software that make a computer more usable than without them. That's it. Their only goal is to relieve the application programmers (the guys who code software we use directly like media player, call of duty, office) from the routine functions of using and controlling the raw hardware.