Why I chose XP over Vista

There has been a considerable debate among buyers and techies alike on whether upgrading to a newer version on Windows is worthwhile.

Operating Systems are (system) software that make a computer more usable than without them. That's it. Their only goal is to relieve the application programmers (the guys who code software we use directly like media player, call of duty, office) from the routine functions of using and controlling the raw hardware.

For me the decision was simple. I need to do lot of software programming which requires memory and the laptop has 2GB of RAM. Pretty cool..?
Should I let the operating system (with attractive features and flying windows) take up bulk of my RAM or a comparatively simpler one which will not eat up my resources just for its sake?
I plan to do some heavy programming which requires resources. And then some games also. I think a lighter operating system is my choice. I explored the options of Vista themes, transformation packs etc. But guess, I'll keep my lappie simple and sweet. No Vista look alike stuff for me.

Dear Reader, commenting on the technical superiority of either one is difficult for me. It requires expertise and knowledge. My decisions are based on common sense and my simple needs. But what I've found is that people do enjoy the new interface- you can see so many sites with tips, hacks to con Vista looks on XP.

If only Microsoft could marry the XP base with Vista's face...!

Credits: image "laptop_cat" by Keira