Lion Safari at the Chattbir Zoo (photo tour)

Welcome to the safari
Welcome to the jungle
Families and kids camp around having picnics

Ticket is Rs 20 per head, and the buses keep on coming after 10 mins

Wooh! I've spotted one

Hey madam! There is a bus full of humans parked in front of you

Some more

Who is caged?

What! Still not interested?

Ha ha! Foolish humans...haven't seen a cat before...yelling an jumping like bunch of kids

Bye bye, bad one

After that group of lions, the driver actually went up to this lioness and literally ran over her. She had to get up and give side to the, is that confidence or complacency?

Worried people closing windows as fast as they can

Nice shot

We can see the boundary in these photos    
Boring...humans...all look the same...

The crowd can't have enough! Everyone is at the edges of their seats, actually few are sitting :)

The double-gated entry provides for safety
A toy shop

Closing scenes

Here comes the next load...
The map of the zoo:
So Readers, off to next attraction... :)
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