Interesting Historical Hand Pump - Water Pole at Shimla

Interesting Historical Hand pump / Water pole  at Shimla
Possibly historic water pump in Shimla
Shimla is an evergreen tourist place. Many of us might have visited more than once. As they say, Shimla is the place to be in summers for coolness, in winters to indulge in snow.

Well, besides the obvious attractions I suggest you check out surprises hidden along the station and Ridge.

This appears to be a historical water pole or hand pump, and seeing by the ornate designs on pillar, lion heads and a crowned top, appears to be royal. Who knows these might have British history.

And who can say, that a long time back, what kind of building was at this spot….hmmm?
Interesting Historical Hand pump / Water pole at Shimla
The one pictured above is somewhere in the market.

One more can be easily spotted. On the foot of Maa Kaali Mandir (you can spot the Temple’s foot by people bowing in respect at the wall), on the road right in front of the Army station. Though this one is the victim of regular recarpeting of road and only the head might be visible now.

Even if some day it disappears, it can be recovered by carefully breaking the corner of the road.