Indian Military- Becoming A Commissioned Officer– First-Hand Experiences, Tips And Suggested Reading For Aspirants


  1. Hmm...very elaborate description of the actual happenings in an SSB! I have had a failed attempt too and I my selection centre was in Bhopal - it's the best! Good that you took the failure in a positive way; that is so much important. The OLQs they look for are beyond my understanding however! It'd be helpful if they at least made a vague reference to the areas where they find the ousted candidates lacking! After all, self-introspection is not always the way to go.... I am an engineering graduate (Bangalore), residing in Delhi now! Do visit my my blog.
    Keep writing...

  2. Hi

    Glad you liked the presentation. Yeah, life has to move forward :)

    Initially, I also thought that SSB could give an idea why a candidate was not selected. But then I realized it's a matter of national security and they are there for the purpose of interviewing and not personality development.

    Bangalore, a wonderful city- been there for my Navy SSB. Your blog is very thought-provoking. Bro, if you have written all these articles then you should consider writing as your strengths.

    Nice to hear from you,
    Warm regards

  3. hello sir i am Gajendra mourya
    i want to become a armed force
    i have some problem about my self
    1) my communication skill is very poor
    2) it my first time for ssb & want to selected

    kindly give me suggestion for clearing the ssb interview at27/05/2011
    i really want to become a armed force officer....
    for your suggestion.
    please give me an email before 23/05/11
    plz reply quickly sir
    my id

    jina to ase jinaa....

  4. @Gajendra


    I pray to God that He gives you all that you dream of :)

    Congratulations, your SSB is just a week away. I get your concerns and will try to help you in sorting them out.

    1. It doesn't matter if this is your first time.

    Don't fall into the useless discussions of "freshers vs repeaters".

    Actually I feel freshers may be viewed leniently for they are completely unaware of the actual SSB experience.

    They may have taken coaching, read books, Internet but the real thing is when you are at the SSB Centre.

    I remember my first time, I actually pinched myself to see if I'm not dreaming. Been there :)

    A suggestion:
    When we take tension of something, it makes our job difficult.

    If we are cool, without tension of result and are loyal to the task at hand, then it increases our chances of success.

    So, do your job faithfully. Good things will happen.

    2. Communication skills- that is something we could talk about. See, it could be that you're misjudging yourself.

    Or you could really do with some improvement.

    I feel that manners, social graces etc-these things can be taught and if you feel that you are not polished enough, then no issues.

    But if there are some deeper issues, like shyness, low self-esteem then you must do all in this week to lift your spirits up.

    If this is is the case then I'd suggest you start looking for a job that matches your skill.


    It'll lower your emotional burden on SSB. Then you can give your true performance and this will increase your chances of success.

    Every person is important. You are important not because of somebody else, something else. It is something that comes from inside you.

    That's why I insist on job, because with money comes mental peace.

    Brother, if I could I would have sat down for a cup of coffee with you and talked all these things with you, but this will also help :)

    Praying for your success.

    Write back whenever you feel like.

    Warm regards

  5. Hello sir

    I m Arpit Sinha
    my ssb interview r frm 8 aug at varanasi.

    but i hav doubt about pilots aptitude test which will b on 6th day.
    can u help me by giving some material to read...

    waiting for ur response
    thank u

  6. Hi Arpit

    I'm sorry I have already uploaded all info I had on the blog.

    Kindly do some more google or consult a coaching institute for the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test.

    Warm regards

  7. Hello sir i have a question . I have interview in ssb no 20 sep :) what are the costum i required to take it , like shoe , shite , give me reply on :-) thank you sir :)

  8. Hi

    I am sorry so could not reply earlier.

    For Interview and general tasks during the day, formal clothing which may include shirts, pants, ties, formal shoes etc.

    For evening out with other SSB buddies, casual clothes which you may comfortably wear in a market or mall etc.

    For GTO tasks, kindly check out the page GTO Tasks Uniform for a photo. You need white shirt, white shorts, white socks, and white PT shoes.

    Night suits, slippers etc for stay there at night.

    Also, some comfortable clothes for traveling.

    Warm regards


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