Educating The (Young) Students May Offer A Long-Lasting Hope For Earth

“I am standing at the checkout counter of a supermarket, waiting for my turn, when I hear the excited cries of a young kid telling her dad not to take the polythene but use a bag…”
I am pleasantly surprised and the hope that all is not lost got brighter.

Besides high-level attempts like carbon credits, whitening of clouds to reflect incoming sunlight and heat, farming planktons on ocean surface to absorb CO2; if we can educate, and more importantly motivate the young children to care today, issues facing us will be less tomorrow- when they grow up to become adults.

A young kindergarten student knows that is is better to carry your own bag to market than asking the shop for polythene each time.

That kid will grow up not only practising the 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (also), but also encouraging those who come in contact with her.
We got a lot to learn for a kid?
Also, this goes out to all the teachers for it is only they who can carry out the enlightenment of young minds. Even undergraduate students, in many Universities (like Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar) are to undertake a mandatory report on “Environmental Studies”. That’s good but guess nothing is better that catching them young!