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Always Wanted To See Reverse Psychology And Herd Behavior In Action? Here You Go…

Chattbir Zoo is located in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Visiting it with my parents, I got to observe reverse psychology and some degree of herd behaviour.

There’s a small path that deviates from the main track of the zoo, and here there is a clear marker that says in red “NO ENTRY”.

Yes! Finally Won Against Hard CPU In Langres Map (Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Skirmish Match)

I am a regular player and this Langres map skirmish had me tied for weeks. Won vs Normal CPU after a few attempts, but vs Hard CPU, wow, got beaten up so many times.

Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts- A Skirmish Match Between Human And Artificial Intelligence Reveals Weaknesses In AI’s Armour

There is an interesting and informative compilation on Current Methods to Create Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Computer Simulations and Wargames (Google search). The opening page mentions that computers have difficulty thinking out of the box.