Always Wanted To See Reverse Psychology And Herd Behavior In Action? Here You Go…

Chattbir Zoo is located in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Visiting it with my parents, I got to observe reverse psychology and some degree of herd behaviour.
a very clear sign says NO ENTRY in this area not only curious, but some are actually running to see what's hidden there those who didn't actually go can't help but turn their heads and imagine things
There’s a small path that deviates from the main track of the zoo, and here there is a clear marker that says in red “NO ENTRY”.

The gate is not locked and many people are going through as if it’s the normal path.

Guess what? Most of the crowd is going through to see what’s on the other side of “NO ENTRY” gate. And those who didn’t decide on walking so much, couldn’t help but turn heads and asking those who were returning.

And when some thinking person mentions the sign, people would say that since others are also going, so there must be something worthwhile (not thinking individually, but following the herd) and thus keep up the momentum of new visitors taking the place of old ones.

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