Some Tips Regarding SSB Interview Call Letters

SSB Interview call letter is an important document, but it is quite possible that you may not receive the letter at all... It may happen at times, and you yourself need to be alert.

You should be getting it around 3-4 weeks before the Interview date. From my own experiences, and those of many aspirants whom I have interacted with, here are some tips:

  • If you are going through the written exams like NDA or CDSE, and you have cleared as shown at the site, then wait for a reasonable time

    If you feel that it is getting late, or your friends who gave the paper with you have begun receiving call letters, then call UPSC at Delhi. Number given in notification, envelope etc.

    Facilitation counter and website for guidance of candidates: In case of any guidance/information/clarification regarding their applications, candidature etc. candidates can contact UPSC`s Facilitation Counter near `C gate of its campus in person or Over Telephone No.011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543 on working days between 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs.

    The Commission also has Website at address over which the candidates can obtain details of the examination as well as information about registration of their applications. venue of the examination and results etc.

    It takes a number of redials to get the no. though :) Tell them that you have not received your call-letter. They'll tell you that your Centre is xyz (say Bhopal, Allahabad etc). Take it's number from them.

    Then call up your centre and verify the date of your Interview from them and whether or not you receive the letter, be there at the Centre on your date. 
  • For direct entries, I think they do not accept speed-posts, registered mail or even courier- only simple mail is accepted.

    I have little idea in this case how to verify re call letters... 
  • For NCC entries, contacting your NCC office might be of help.
In any case, try to keep in touch with fellow aspirants who may be pursuing similar entry and you can keep in touch re call-letters.
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Good Luck, Jai Hind.