Is MCA For You?

This is a guest post by Ankit Aggarwal, who’s also doing Masters in Computers Application (MCA),  from NIT Allahabad, while I'm from GNDU, Amritsar.

With almost a year over with my MCA at NIT Allahabad, I have lot of questions revolving around my head about the course. Master’s In Of In Of Computer Application (MCA) is a course offered by various universities and colleges in India and eligibility is Bachelor’s degree in any background. I am probably the first person to write few negative things about the course I am in.:P

I’ve done B.Sc. in Computer Science from Panjab University and took admission in MCA with not much of a choice left in my hands. I am not targeting any individual here. These are just my personal views, so better don’t take them too seriously. Here they goes :
  1. What’s so “Master’s” about it ? : The course is called Master’s degree, but it allows students with compulsion of Maths in +2  and bachelor’s degree in ANY discipline ( with maths in 1st year )  ( that almost 70% already have, rest 30% can give a +2 maths exam to qualify….. covers 100% ! I am not considering Medical students here. No point they will make such a drastic shift. ) to sit for the entrances. Even the entrances are 90% maths. Some even have GK. How funny is that ? That means the course actually starts from the very basics ( what is a computer ? ). It is a bit frustrating for first few weeks, sitting in a lecture ( full of Master’s students ) and questions like “What is a folder ?”, “What is Windows ?”  coming out of the crowd time to time
  2. Why time span 3 years  ? : All the Master’s degree are at most of 2 years, then whats wrong with this one. What special things are taught in this course that it has to be stretched by 1 year. Maybe my 1st point is the valid reason.
  3. MCA not recognized outside India : I do not plan to go abroad, but just to add a point here, It’s probably not recognized by any Foreign University as Master’s degree.
  4. MCA is Over-Education : You dedicate 6 years of your life to learn things which can be learned in 4 years ( the thing we call B.Tech/B.E ) or less, which ultimately gives an impression of being either over-educated or a slow-learner. We all know how our education system is. There is no point spending so much time on it. The thing that drives me crazy is I will be out in the industry as a Fresher at the age of almost 23.
  5. MCA not recognized by some big names : This may come as a shocker for few of those who are doing MCA, but some big names like Google, Microsoft, Cisco etc. do not even allow MCA students to sit in campus placements. Why should they ? consider a B.Tech guy and MCA guy, with almost same qualification ( as subjects ) which would you prefer. Remember the Fena advert. “Bibiji, jab wohi cheez kam daamo main mile…..”. Whats more sad is they don’t even allow BCA/B.Sc to sit. |:-P. Once in the industry however, your qualification hardly matters but start is not so easy.
I chose MCA basically because I hardly had any other option left. Another reason was I needed some time to fix few things up.

It, however, by luck worked out for me. Because of it, I am bit safe for the time being from this recession in economy. Let see how it goes next year when I actually had to face interviews after going through 50 subjects (30 in B.Sc. and 20 in MCA by that time).