Prisoner's Dillemna Experiment- Copenhagen Summit 2009, And More

A lot has been going around. The problem of climate change, and deteriorating Earth is real, but I feel the efforts are misguided- It has happened before and is happening now.
Climate change is no one's problem, while it's everyone's.
Climate change movement is the new world religion (link)
Any International Cooperation Is Well-Intended, But Bound To Fail
The prisoner's dilemma is a fundamental problem [in game theory that demonstrates] why two people might not cooperate even if it is in both their best interests to do so. (link)
My humble submission is that leaders of all countries, big and small are all answerable to their folks back home. And it won't help if they bring back a raw deal while the rest of the world makes do with empty speeches.

Thus not much should be expected from these international events except thee important thing that they do make lots of right noises.

Copenhagen Summit 2009
  1. As long as the alpha male USA does something concrete at such events, they'll remain a sham. And USA absolutely no incentive to be the leader here.
  2. Such events should be organized, for they do hog the news and more and more people think how their individual actions can help in delaying the Judgement Day.