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Is your Google AdSense Showing clicks but no money? Checklist for solutions and suggested reading

"not earning money but people click on ads""adsense showing click but not money""what's the deal with these zero value clicks?"

In Praise Of Moser Baer, and Some Thoughts On Movie Piracy in India

Most of us watch movies, and we may buy DVDs/CDs for our personal collection also. In this case Moser Baer (India) is a company that keeps on pulling up surprises. I am impressed by the ingenuity of this company.

No Free Lunches- Credit That Image, or Shoot Yourself

Dear Reader, I am a passionate photographer and believe in sharing knowledge. Thus, I have most of my photos (minus family ones) under Creative Commons Attribution license and I actively contribute to Wikipedia.

As most of the people who take out time to edit and enhance the mighty Wikipedia and release their photos, even outstanding ones for free- there is a reason for it.