Tagging Tweeps- No More Local Lists, Know Who’s Actually The Funniest or Geekiest or Conversationalist

I see too many separate lists, possibly all good, tagging funny, conversationalists, and even maals (babes) on Twitter. It’s all about fun, but this technique is like the local maxima we read about in Artificial Intelligence books.

In my humble opinion, the next level for Twitter could be to allow signed-in users to thumbs up the users they’ve followed for a certain amount of time (say a week, to add credibility to the votes) to thumbs-up certain characteristics.
There’s a reason why YouTube has shifted from star ratings to a simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down system
Similar to what is used on sites like StackOverflow.com- to ensure fun for all and prevent abuse, Twitter will create the tags and like horoscopes published in newspapers, everyone will be a winner here.
e.g. funny, conversationalists, tech, society, local, news, opinion, reviews etc
And, to empower the user, it’ll be opt-in i.e. the user will explicitly permit display and voting on his page. But, I think the user should not be allowed to select the tags. Let it be binary- on or off.
Finally, I don’t know how does Twitter make money now, but it would do no harm to further an already fascinating product. We should do this :)