100hitz.com- Good Enough To Do Away With The iPod (Review Of Internet Radio Station)

While trying the Internet Radio (bundled with FM Radio app) on my Nokia mobile, I tried 100hitz.com Hip-Hop and I love the service.

It features hit songs and most of them are very enjoyable, together with details of the singer and album. And you can always buy the songs you find extraordinary from their playlist. And the number of ads is also minimum.

Dear Reader, if you are into hip-hop and enjoy TV channels like Vh1, you must try this Internet radio station. Works on computers as well as mobiles.

It streams at 32kbps and the sound quality is fine.

Tell you what, coupled with local FM stations for Hindi and Punjabi songs (India) and a cheap GPRS/EDGE plan on mobile, I might not need to buy an iPod, really :)

Links: 100hitz.com