MTV Roadies 8 (2010), Chandigarh Auditions. Went With Bro For His Auditions. Photos And Experience

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My bro Keshav turned 18 this year, and one of the first things he wanted to was participate in MTV Roadies. Glad MTV chose in-person group discussions and interviews over online forms.

We decided to be one of the first ones to be interviewed. For Season 8, they were coming to Chandigarh on Nov 19, 2010.

Reaching There
191120101783Bro and I left for Chandigarh at midnight from Jalandhar in bus. There we met another guy and became good friends as we made our way through the Roadies mania.

The bus left at midnight. After reaching Chandigarh, we three took an auto to the venue and though we had fears that a few guys would have made it before us. But were surprised to found a sizable crowd there. Wow.

After confirming the gates from which the entry was to be allowed, we stationed ourselves at the gate and sat down and prepared ourselves for about five hours of wait and crowd.

It's 4 AM, What Now?
191120101784Once settled, we began to chat and listen to music. Some guys sitting beside us began singing the Roadies song. Nice. Also, it was funny to watch some guys plead the bouncers standing inside to open the gates, now.

Sometime later, to put up the banner they asked us to vacate the ramp and boy how difficult it was. No one was willing to move an inch. The security guys lied that they'll be taking in guys once we form a queue about 50 metres from the gate- that cleared the way, for sure :)

But still the rowdiness, the mess remained. Also, some riders were doing stunts. Many were enjoying food etc in their cars.

It's Morning, Sir
191120101790It seemed like  the entire youth of Punjab was there, and the gate was a ticket to you know, something like the ultimate salvation. The staff there tried their best to manage the scene. The police also came, and tried to manage the crowd so long as to begin entry.

I am happy that my bro and friend were able to get in early, and without getting physically hurt. Guys, the chance of stampedes was an ugly reality there. And people get killed in stampedes.

Dear Reader, kindly enjoy the pics I took there. One reason why I was able to shoot so much was that I didn't intend to give Roadies auditions. I'd rather give job interviews :)

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