A Pet Dog (Poem)

A Pet Dog

Furious barks play the host
To welcome guest at the door
Frightened guest shrinks
The dog beckons his poor master

He armours his guest
And let him in
With assurance for no harm
And command his pet to behave

A stranger to the beast
A friend to the host
He muses at friend's assets
Hardly to be stolen

A small house amidst the town
No risk to the person of pelf
A status vulgar he enjoys
A hazard to playing kids

Humans he can't command
And none there to obey
But the beast at his call
Flatter the master tall

The guest leaves with a sigh
The beast follows the master
And fondles with it before and after
A winner, commander and master!

By (Author Unknown)
I read this poem in library when I was in school. Remember copying it down and now sharing with you.