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Relax, IELTS Is A Test Of English Only

And Not your GK, IQ Or Anything Else.

No matter your level in English language, you must be clear what IELTS is not. IELTS is not a test of your general knowledge, IQ or even your personality.

So, speak freely, admit your ignorance about topics without hesitation, and have fun! You are going there just to interact in English.

Your Thoughts And Ideas Are More Important Than English

Beginners in English may make the mistake of compromising their thoughts for the English language. I would like to tell you that English is just a language, like any other and is thus a means to an end.

In normal usage, simple words are preferred because the aim is to get your message across to the maximum people with minimum effort.

Start Thinking In English

At the end of my first week as an IELTS trainer, I realised that the problem of most students was not in the ideas on what to speak, but how to speak.

You could begin your journey of mastery in IELTS and possibly mastery in English by beginning to think in English.

e.g. when you wake up in the morning and it is raining heavily, you will think to yourself, in English, “Oh! It’s raining heavily today” and not in any other language.

I would like that you eventually reach a level that when something happens instantly the knee-jerk words that you think/utter are in English.