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It’s Easy To Earn Money

I think it is about adding value, or solving a real problem or fulfilling a need for which people are willing to pay e. g. I have seen humble cobblers command respect because they are perhaps the only one in the neighborhood and because they solve a real problem.Looking around, we may observe that the well-off people indeed have jobs/businesses that indeed add value to something existing and/or solve a real problem. I can think of guys in merchant navy- they earn very fat paychecks. If we imagine a world without these guys, then indeed world would be  different.Which also means that if you are not adding value, then your paycheck and perks may be hanging by a thread.

Nokia 808 PureView and Why I'm Sold On It

It's about the convenience of having a (capable) all-in-one device, but all mid to high-end phones offer this. I have lots of contacts, calendar entries, SMS messages etc on my current Nokia N79. Also, I am satisfied with the camera quality (in daylight) of N79. So, we are only going higher the with 808. Also, it would be touch, which everyone has these days. I will only be happy when I upgrade my N79 to 808.

As far as apps are concerned, yes, there are not so many apps in Nokia Symbian, but I guess the top 0.5% of apps from Apple Store and Android Market reach here like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope etc, so it's acceptable. Also, with job, leisure time also gets reduced.

Some Thoughts On Karma- From Personal Experience And Observing Others

(This is a religious post on Hinduism. Kindly read only if you consider yourself tolerant)

Disparity We open our eyes and see people in much better circumstances than us. We also see people in much worse circumstances than us. One person touches dust, it becomes gold. Another person touches gold, it becomes dust.

There are people who seemingly do not deserve all the life's pleasures, yet they are being showered on them. Then there are others, whose efforts, hard work and sincerity, make them worthy, but they never get to taste the pleasures this life has to offer.

College-Life Freedom And Job-Life Constraints

Our seniors in college often say that the time we are spending now will not come back. But it takes hindsight to appreciate this statement. Living in the now is important, whether you are in a dorm room or an office cubicle, but school and college life rises above that.No other phase of our life may be so relatively worry-free. You remember the time spent with people you liked, doing things that made you happy, more than the education.Time moves forward, and different stages of life bring different perks and responsibilities with them. Enjoy your college life so that you can look back once in a while, and smile to yourself saying, “That was fun” :)

How Can Indian Politicians Ignore Inflation And Other Realities?

On 14 March 2012, Trivedi announced the annual rail budget 2012 that included an all over hike in passenger fares, ranging from 2 paise to 30 paise per kilometre for reasons of safety along with network expansion and modernisation. (link) After one year short of a decade, an Indian Railways minister has decided to increase the fare and immediately, almost every politician and leader began condemning the decision and blaming the railway minister Dinesh Trivedi of being against Indian public.

The Real Punjab- No Propaganda, No Fairy Tales. Only The Ground Reality

"When I was growing up, Punjab was the richest state in India. Now it is ranked tenth, and heading towards imminent bankruptcy.

Punjabis, who used to be envied for their fierce can-do spirit, have now turned into clowns- the idealists romanticize people like Bhindranwale,

Votes For Sale In Punjab: Insane Freebies To Some, At The Expense Of Working Class (Elections 2012)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) SAD-BJP and Congress have announced unbelievable freebies like one kg of wheat at one rupee (0.02 US $) for certain sections of society. These sections have been handicapped by decades of perks and privileges, due to their enormous numbers and unity in voting.