The Real Punjab- No Propaganda, No Fairy Tales. Only The Ground Reality

"When I was growing up, Punjab was the richest state in India. Now it is ranked tenth, and heading towards imminent bankruptcy.

Punjabis, who used to be envied for their fierce can-do spirit, have now turned into clowns- the idealists romanticize people like Bhindranwale,
the pragmatic have been absorbed into a Sukhbir Badal led business-politician-police mafia syndicate,

the youth suffer from chronic alcohol-drug addiction,

the dumb masses remain gullible about empty Punjabi chauvinism,

the rest have simply given up and emigrated away!"
-a fellow Punjabi on Facebook
I agree wholeheartedly. This is what is happening.

I've worked in IELTS and visa industry and, willingly or unwillingly, have played my part in the mass immigration. Anyways, I've had many opportunities to interact with the youth, from both villages and cities and during such discussions often probed as to why would they want to leave their Punjab and struggle in a foreign land.

The answer mostly is of the form that current (around 2012) Punjab is a yard which does not deserve their youth. I think they are right. Come on, who among us would not want to go abroad? How many of us, openly or secretly, make efforts to migrate to UK, Canada, Australia etc?

And those who choose to stay in Punjab, are squeezing it with no sense of belonging or ownership.