How Can Indian Politicians Ignore Inflation And Other Realities?

On 14 March 2012, Trivedi announced the annual rail budget 2012 that included an all over hike in passenger fares, ranging from 2 paise to 30 paise per kilometre for reasons of safety along with network expansion and modernisation. (link)
After one year short of a decade, an Indian Railways minister has decided to increase the fare and immediately, almost every politician and leader began condemning the decision and blaming the railway minister Dinesh Trivedi of being against Indian public.

This in my opinion is nothing short of absurdity. Inflation is a reality of life, in all countries- so how does India become magically immune to it? And then, only the government departments? When an individual Indian has the right to demand increase in pay, sell his product/service at a higher price, then why not Railways?

What appalls me is the attitude of the majority of leaders- they are either spineless, or are remorselessly looting (like the Badals, in Punjab) the very state they are elected to look after the interests of.