Some Thoughts On Karma- From Personal Experience And Observing Others

(This is a religious post on Hinduism. Kindly read only if you consider yourself tolerant)

Shani Dev
Shani Dev
Vaikoovery/Wikimedia Commons


We open our eyes and see people in much better circumstances than us. We also see people in much worse circumstances than us. One person touches dust, it becomes gold. Another person touches gold, it becomes dust.

There are people who seemingly do not deserve all the life's pleasures, yet they are being showered on them. Then there are others, whose efforts, hard work and sincerity, make them worthy, but they never get to taste the pleasures this life has to offer.

Why this partiality?

Why?! Why all this difference? Why would God be benevolent towards one and cruel towards another? We cannot deny that there is something going on deeper than meets the eye.

The balance of karma swings both ways

"You just need to spend five minutes in market to see what Karma is capable of. #religion #Hindu What goes around, comes around."
-I posted on Twitter here
Take a look around. And at yourself too. You can see all possible levels of wealth, happiness and contentment, in all possible combinations.

Shani Dev

Lord Shani is the Hindu God who has the responsibility of making sure that every action, thought by every human in this world, is accounted for. He knows all, sees all. According to mythology, Shani Dev did not let even the Gods escape the results of their karma. We are still humans. I've talked a handful of Hindu priests, and all have told me that there is no escaping the karma- you will have to face it- the bad (paap) and the good (punya).

I believe that God is never unjust and karma rules the life of every living being. Most people fear Him, but He does not do anything because He wants to. He is just making sure that we get what we have given to others, and this includes the bad as well as the good.

So what?

What I want to impress upon is that the balance of karma, under the watchful eyes of Shani Dev, swings both ways. If He can plunge you in a bottomless pit of despair, hopelessness, poverty, humiliation, then, when the time comes (to reap the good karma), He will be the One to raise you unbounded happiness, pleasures, peace, wealth and respect.

Thus, it may be prudent for us to accept what God gives us with that faith that whatever is that we are getting (or not being able to get), it's all because of a reason.

A reason in which we have a say. We cannot do anything about the karma we have in our account already, but we can "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and leave the bookkeeping to Shani Dev, content in the faith that He sees everything, knows everything and will make sure that we all will get our dues, when the time comes.

Do good and forget

A little thing that needs mentioning here is anything we do or think, must not be with karma is mind. I think karma done with an eye towards accumulating good karma does not get accounted for.

Real-life examples

  • While I was working as an IELTS trainer (at StudyPlus Consultants), a few of my students daily used to spend an amount same as my salary on entertainment. What did they do to deserve this? What I mean here is that they did not work to earn that money, but still they are enjoying it. This has to be some past good karma.
  • I've heard that an influential and wealthy business in my city, whose domain now spans from sweets to cars to education, had not been so affluent in their early years.