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Nokia 808 PureView and Why I'm Sold On It

It's about the convenience of having a (capable) all-in-one device, but all mid to high-end phones offer this. I have lots of contacts, calendar entries, SMS messages etc on my current Nokia N79. Also, I am satisfied with the camera quality (in daylight) of N79. So, we are only going higher the with 808. Also, it would be touch, which everyone has these days. I will only be happy when I upgrade my N79 to 808.

As far as apps are concerned, yes, there are not so many apps in Nokia Symbian, but I guess the top 0.5% of apps from Apple Store and Android Market reach here like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope etc, so it's acceptable. Also, with job, leisure time also gets reduced.

Some Thoughts On Karma- From Personal Experience And Observing Others

(This is a religious post on Hinduism. Kindly read only if you consider yourself tolerant)

Disparity We open our eyes and see people in much better circumstances than us. We also see people in much worse circumstances than us. One person touches dust, it becomes gold. Another person touches gold, it becomes dust.

There are people who seemingly do not deserve all the life's pleasures, yet they are being showered on them. Then there are others, whose efforts, hard work and sincerity, make them worthy, but they never get to taste the pleasures this life has to offer.