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Looks Like Lovely Professional University (LPU) is Throwing Money on Google AdWords

I recently enabled Google AdSense on mypersonalblogs and some of them are my hometown (Jalandhar) centric.

While browsing around the blogs, and also checking how the ads look, what ads are being shown etc, I noticed that most ads were of Lovely Professional University (LPU). LPU has been forward-looking with regards to utilizing technology and media to propagate its identity.

Lost Dog, German Shepherd, found near Mayor World School, Urban Estate, Phase-I, Jalandhar, Punjab. Under care of Mr Rajan, contact at 09815919017 [ADOPTED]

This is Important. A Message from Raaj Multani.
Please Share.


I Have found this Lost German Shepard near Mayor world school.He is very depressed as he is away from his home and missing his home badly. So anyone knows anything can let me know.

Moving to Hometown Jalandhar (India) and Switching Company

Some months back, I had moved to Chandigarh and was settling in professionally and personally. Due to some personal reasons I'm moving back to hometown Jalandhar, Punjab.

Unfortunately, Softobiz Technologies had moved its office from Jalandhar - the reason I moved to Chandigarh in the first place - and as such I had to switch and am now working as PHP Developer at CodeLee, Jalandhar.

Moving to Chandigarh (India)

My company Softobiz Technologies is moving its Jalandhar operations to the newly launched Mohali/Chandigarh office at Mohali IT Park.

I am also moving to Chandigarh area- the PHP and .NET hub of North India. This means I will be moving away from my family in Jalandhar, working in a good company in an awesome environment.

Also, needless to say, I'll be in an employee's market with every company wanting to hire/retain the best talent. So, I expect monetary compensations to only go higher now. Though I love my industry also :)