'Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you', Doc Love

Doc Love is a relationship master who shows us men the truth about long-term romantic relations - how to choose better, maintain better and end it when unsalvageable. Most of his principles are common-sense and applicable to life in general also.

He says,
'No. 2 Rule: Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you'
Once I followed this rule (it was difficult while in the moment), and I got peace of mind, and in hindsight, letting go of an increasingly one-sided relationship was the best thing to do.

Alright, Doc Love is great, his simple rules are proving true time and again. But later, on an another occasion, I shoot myself in the foot, get blinded by my interest level (which is inconsequential) and choose to ignore the writing on the wall and went on to do the opposite. Now, my personal life is in deep mess, and it does permeate into professional and other areas of life.

Anyways, now, with the steadfast support of my family members and a couple of best friends, I am biding my time till this mess gets over. And after that I plan to follow him steadfastly, and not repeat the mistakes I've done till now.

I recommend Doc Love to all guys who are not 'naturals'. Go read his articles on AskMen.