The True Indicator of Success

"Nobody kicks a dead dog", Dale Carnegie
I recently received an image of Aamir Khan with some people on WhatsApp which claimed that he has ties with terrorists. His current (Mar 2014) social change initiative 'Satyamev Jayate Season 2' is a success, and he already is a big guy.

Lately, a person I know is being sued by his former employer for starting his own business. I guess his business must be doing good. Otherwise, why would a company which hires decent number of employees (who are hired and fired routinely) care what one of the ex-employee is up to?

I am too being sued by a former employer because I left them (I completed the contract obligations) and joined their rival company.

How about Kapil Sharma the comedian? His charm and wit is winning him fans in Indian community throughout the world. Someone burnt his shooting set and some people don't laugh at his jokes that much as a statement.

Now, I feel that you are truly successful only if people are criticizing you, framing you and your number of enemies are on rise.