Being Successful by Selling The Dream of Success

Photo of Indian Rupee coins stacks

Lately, I have been thinking about the difference in the earnings of people - questions like why do some people earn more than others, how come a retired person earn more pension than a young person working full-time?

I've had conversation about money with myself before. And it is taking time for me to realize, that with wealth comes a peace of mind and a carelessness and a lot less worry.
You seem to not give a damn when your pockets are deep.
Anyways, so I am thinking about why and how. I am looking at the affluent people and am trying to decode their success. Either they are businessmen, or people at the very top of big companies, or  (as I frequently notice) in the business of selling dreams of success.

I live in Jalandhar, which is a state in Punjab, India. Much of the Punjabi youth is fascinated by foreign lifestyle, immigration and benefits of foreign exchange. Those of us who are or belong to NRI families are among the affluent ones, and their wealth is always shining in front of others' eyes. Guess what, most of the young people in Punjab want to go abroad, to 'study'.

Now how do they do it? By clearing English language exams and other visa formalities. And herein lies the seed of this idea which is bouncing in my mind for so many days. There are many, many IELTS, TOEFL etc training institutes in Jalandhar alone.
The owners of these institutions and others involved in the process are prosperous, but they themselves never think of doing the same as they sell, and move abroad.
Come to think of it - why would they? It's all about a comfortable lifestyle and peace of mind. This convinces me that real success may lie in selling others the dreams of success.

Credits: Indian Rupee Coins image by Ramnath Bhat