Patched Up With My Dogs After a Long Time

Due to recent overtime at work for a couple of weeks, I have been coming to home late and tired. And leaving for work in morning next day ensured that I did not get time with my dogs.

Brownie, my pet dog is shy and introvert (like me?) and I noticed she began keeping distance from me. I knew that now me and my dogs 'needed to talk'.

This morning, I had to bring milk from market and I took this as an opportunity to mend things with Brownie.

Initially, she would not respond to my call and return me resentful looks. It took me five minutes of cajoling and a certain amount of scolding to her out of the gate with me.

As young lovers are shy in their initial meetings, my dog Brownie was trying to open up to me, but slightly. Sheroo, our Black Lab also accompanied us.

By the time we started back for home, we were best friends again. She is smiling, happy. And I am happy too now.

It is true when they say that no one wishes in their deathbed that they had spent more time at work. Spending time with loved ones is important.