Switched to Android from Nokia Symbian

I am a long time Nokia supporter and have always been buying Nokia Symbian phones. Nokia was probably the first mobile I had and I remember the day when I saw someone else's Nokia 6600 and dreamt of the day when I will be having a phone like this.

My first smartphone was Nokia N79. Around that time, I think Android, iPhone were becoming the headline grabbers. But I did not let that affect me in my devotion to Nokia and Symbian. So much so that when I had a choice to upgrade to a flagship mobile, I chose Nokia 808 PureView, instead of going for say Samsung Galaxy S3.

It began okay, with complete absence of some apps and older versions of othes not pinching that much. But it always was undeniable (even if in private) that the  app ecosystem is draining the life out of Symbian. Then came the official closing of basic apps like weather, post to social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. And what's up with Skype? It's a shame that inspite of such a premium phone I cannot make a Skype voice call.

Nokia is going Microsoft Windows way and I am a heavy Google products user. Gmail sounds more familiar to me than Outlook.

But I was still holding on...

The last straw was a week ago when I had to attend a Skype call (scheduled in advance) and my computer was out of order. Symbian does not have Skype now. And, it gave me a reason to go ahead and buy an Android mobile.

As I once commented on an article in All About Symbian website, I was never unaware of the more modern and productivity-capable operating systems. It was the love for a company with whose mobiles I grew up, that I was putting up with a less productive lifestyle, but I could hold on so far.

I think with this article I am sharing with you, I will find some sort of an emotional closure. l will fondly remember Symbian. I also wish good luck to Nokia for future.You guys have one of the best camera imaging technology. I think, for me, the association ended with the 808 PureView. What of Android? Maybe that will be another article.

Goodbye Symbian and best wishes to Nokia.