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Do You Love Your Dog? Or Yourself?

Many people who keep dog(s) as pets are more concerned with what they are getting out of their companionship with the dogs, rather than thinking about their dogs as a sentient beings with genuine requirements.

See, if a person is a dog-hater, that explains a lot of things and we know what to expect from him. But what about people who profess a love for their dogs, only till it is convenient, they are being entertained, or their house does not need remodeling (example 1, example 2).

Relationships are a two-way street, and our dogs may have needs which inconvenience us, cost us money, our time. And this is where you have to ask yourself - you love your dog, or yourself?

Frankly, if someone can unload their dog like this, then for me, they do not have a true relation with anyone.

Doing My Bit for Financial Inclusion by Guiding and Encouraging

Inspired by Dhirendra Kumar's article on Value Research encouraging us financially literate Indians to do our bit for financial inclusion, especially in the light of initiatives taken by government, I encourage and guide people whenever I see fit.

For example, recently when I was early to work, I chatted with office boy, who's a young unmarried boy. Besides the small talk, I encouraged him to take up a second job, as he doesn't have the responsibility of another person on his shoulders yet. Also, I asked him if he had a bank account. He said no. I encouraged him to open a bank account, save money, take Prime Minister insurance schemes (for Rs 12 and 330). He nodded.
"Everyone has the right to move upwards in life, by working for it"

This Is What The World Looks Like From A Stray Pup’s Perspective. (By World For All, Mumbai, India)

"Mumbai-based animal welfare organization, World For All, strapped a camera on a stray pup and captured the most gut-wrenching footage of what it’s like to be a homeless dog on the streets of Mumbai. This is the most powerful message one can receive to rescue a dog!" 
You can read the original post on here, visit the YouTube page of video and visit World For All

If I made you to consider adopting your next dog, I think I have won! Thank you!


Come On Mother, I Don't Have Whole Day - Cutting In Line By Some Devotees When Paying Obeisance (Darshan)

People try to game the system, advise you to follow the rules, while they themselves bend the same rules for disproportionate personal benefit. But what about when you are going to pay obeisance (darshan) to God?