Come On Mother, I Don't Have Whole Day - Cutting In Line By Some Devotees When Paying Obeisance (Darshan)

Mata Chinpurni's durbar as seen from the havan kund, on left

People try to game the system, advise you to follow the rules, while they themselves bend the same rules for disproportionate personal benefit. But what about when you are going to pay obeisance (darshan) to God?

Recently, during Navratri we went to Mata Chintpurni for darshan. Being a special occasion to have a glimpse of Mata, the crowd of devotees was overflowing and the two queues extended couple of kilometers from darbar. Majority of devotees were being fair and patiently waited in queue, while we could see some people walking right by us, standing for some time at the final entrance and squeezing themselves in every now and then.
What disturbed me was the nonchalant and entitled attitude of the people trying to jump the line.

Rightful confrontations arose between the people who awaited their turns for around five hours and the takers, and the police staff has their hands full.

We were calm in that God sees everything, She will grant her audience if She wants, when She wants and with impure hearts we cannot have Her blessings. 

And we were lucky to have returned safely home after having Mata Chintpurni's darshan.

Credits: Mata Chintpurni's durbar image by Gopal Aggarwal