Jumping the Barrier from PPF to Equity for Investing

Till recently, I was completely in favor of assured returns investments like PPF (Public Provident Fund), FDR (Fixed Deposit Receipt) and not even looked at other types of investments like buying/selling shares or mutual funds.

Advertisements for mutual funds (with the funnily fast 'Mutual funds investments are subject to...') would roll by my ears as if they are meant for some other kind.
Growing responsibilities and growing aspirations forced me to look for knowledge.
Money Control and Value Research Online websites would come up often as I opened up myself to investment and financial world. I also occasionally take guidance from my father who is the owner and editor of the pioneer site dealing in delisted shares RareIndianShares.Info 

Not satisfied with the nuggets of financial knowledge, I decided to take up this as a study. And my teacher in addition to father and websites was the book Beginner's Guide To Investing With Confidence by Value Research Online. That is one book that I read and now I have a foundation knowledge of financial world.

In my novice stage as an investor, I now understand that there is a pyramid and all types of investments have their place.