Open Hypergamy Flashed in Nivea Advertisement

I saw a Nivea advertisement (April 2016, India) for a women's underarm product, in which I felt flashes of Open Hypergamy. I could not find the video online, so I would describe the main points. We see a young, slim, attractive and energetic woman getting ready in the morning and using the product.

Fast forward through an active and productive day, and she enters an elevator where a handsome suited sharp man is standing among other people. She enters the elevator, makes eye contact with the man, turns around to face the elevator door, with a flirtatious smile, and excitement in her eyes, which are still towards the man - Alpha Fucks side of Hypergamy.

Immediately next, we see a well-furnished home, where she is lying on a sofa with her young daughter on one side and a doting husband on other side, and both are pampering her, leaning in to her, as she lies, enjoying the power she wields - Beta Bucks side of Hypergamy.

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Allow me to visually explain what women are in the following comic:

Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks