Environment-Friendly Rules Being Enforced in Jalandhar, Punjab

Jalandhar City railway station marker and a hawker
Jalandhar City Railway Station
Image by Rakesh

From some time, I am noticing implementation of environment-friendly rules in Jalandhar, Punjab (India). And unlike how the government affairs usually are, they appear to be enforced the same for everyone.

  1. Ban on plastic bags

    Plastic carry-bags have been banned. Shops and hawkers found using them will be heavily fined. I personally witnessed the terror at a couple of small hawkers at the idea of having to give a customer a carry bag.

    The impressive thing is the same reluctance on the part of big and influential shops to provide any plastic bag. Shoppers can can get a cloth or jute bag on the spot for a nominal price. Or the shopper can bring cloth/jute carry bag from home. We personally have made it a habit to carry a cloth bag whenever we go shopping.
  2. Ban on using running water to wash cars, water lawns etc

    Similarly, people using running water to wash cars, water lawns are being fined. And again, I have learnt that many affluent families also have been fined, which shows the dedication the administration has towards environment.

    See related news Civic body turns a blind eye to wastage of water in Jalandhar (Hindustan Times, 27-Apr-2016).
I congratulate the Jalandhar administration for implementing these progressive steps sincerely.