Femininsm Propaganda Under the Guise Of Exposing It in book The Manipulated Man

"Lacking money, or at least lacking the prospect of it, a man will have to do without a woman and consequently without sex."
The Manipulated Man (chapter: Sex as a reward), Esther Vilar
The Manipulated Man? The book presents itself as a truth into the workings of the society and womankind and how a man is born and bred to be a willing slave. Fair enough, but true to their solipsism and vested interest, author Esther Vilar, ends up promoting the Beta Bucks side of Hypergamy, rather than unveiling the complete truth.

Manosphere tells about the Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks nature of women, and I invite you to explore it own your own, instead of having me confirm to you that even 'good' girls do the bad things, and say otherwise.

Basically, they want Alphas to fuck them, and Betas to take care of their financial needs. You are programmed to believe that intimacy and sex requires elaborate courtship, commitments, shows of wealth, but it is not so.

"women will marry the Nice Guy, stable, loyal, (preferably) doctor and still fuck the pool boy or the cute surfer she met on spring break"
Schedules of Mating, on manopshere blog The Rational Male
You do not need money to have (genuinely passionate) sex, you need to be an Alpha. Please, break you glass prison and swallow the Red Pill and let them have it - do not subscribe to their propaganda, and be an Alpha and enjoy the wet and juicy, for free.

Earn and be successful, but for your own sake, and not for the sex promised at the end of a long and sexless youth spent in investing in your skills to become an earner.

Because, this sex you are being sold, she is giving away for free, with will and passion to those who know the truth. Break your glass prison, begin your unplugging from the matrix here.