Get Rich Fast by Selling Your Sleep to Work More, Or Not?

Selling your sleep to work more or thinking about it? You have ambitions and skills with which you earn your livelihood. Now, you may be working in any profession or business and you solve somebody's problems good enough that they are willing to pay you. Great news!

Now, you want to be rich - and that's okay great. Money is the only common medium of exchange to live a dignified and comfortable life. So being the smart person we all are, you positively correlate working and wealth and that is accurate too - more work, more money.

But that is not we are to talk about today.
Selling your sleep is **not** the way to become rich - you will end up becoming a zombie. Raising the value of your service seems the way. (source)
There are only 24 hours in a day and we all need sleep (Foster, 2014),  (Iliff, 2014). I hope we both are clear that I am talking about ambitious and possibly workaholic person and not a lazy slacker who needs television or time-pass interactions. Now, the former needs sleep, while latter (hopefully, neither of you and me) are probably getting it too much already and they are frittering away the only truly valuable item in this world - and it is not money - time.
Now, back to getting rich. See, the logical connection of more work = more income is not wrong, but there is a limit to amount of sustained and acceptable-quality work a man can do. If you are not convinced, go ahead and try a few months of two jobs (without entering into contract for at least one, so that you can drop one of them at will). You will agree wholeheartedly after that. So, this option is also out.

But, getting rich is an ambition and we want to achieve it. Great. The solution is to invest in yourself. Invest in your skills, but before spending any time or money in acquiring them run them through Ramit Sethi's payment certainty test - Test 1. What services/products can you provide? Test 2. Does it solve somebody's problems? Test 3. Are those people capable and willing to pay for it. Now, increase your hourly rate but do not regularly compromise on your sleep.

But, then how will I become a billionaire? If you do not see this happening without selling your sleep, then don't be a billionaire overnight. Work, invest in yourself, earn enough to eat well, dress well, invest well and be happy - around your core values. Keep your aims high, believe that you will reach there, but one day of hard-work and one night of good sleep at a time! 

Do yourself a favor, sleep well tonight.

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