Quora Question-Answer: "I have gave up on changing my ever demanding and controlling wife. I still live with her thinking I owe her because we married. Am I doing right?"


Do not buy the societal indoctrination that a husband must always stay with the woman he married.

She has to earn her position to be your wife. How does she do that? By knowing her place much lower to you, following your orders (in and out of bedroom), keeping herself fit and groomed for you, searching for ways to please you, to make you happy.

If she does not do that, she has to go. Either soft next (details at Soft Dread) her and if she does not improve, then divorce her.

Kindly learn and follow The Sixteen Commandments Of Poon and enjoy your masculinity.

Do not ruin your one wild and precious life on an undeserving woman due to a lopsided social convention called marriage.

P.S.: If you need to be shaken out of this mirage, then search on any porn site for ‘desi’ married women fucking around relatives, neighbors, utility men, foreigners (while husband is working hard in India), and fucking Indians while husband is away at work in foreign/Army/day job/business tour, etc. Become a better man and Act As If Every Girl Were A Slut