Internal Distractions are a Problem in Successful Pomodoro Technique®

Pomodoro Technique® [1] is a technique that provides an external structure to a person's time (which is essential for success [2]) and recommends that the person works for a stretch of 25 minutes and then takes a break of 5 minutes. One such block of uninterrupted 25 minutes work is a Pomodoro. And every four consecutive Pomodoro earns the right to a longer break.

As per the official guide video (embedded below also), to save more time and be more productive by excelling in this technique (Certified Pomodoro Master), there are levels to master in succession, and one of the initial ones is to get rid of all "internal and external distractions" while in a Pomodoro block.

The Pomodoro Technique® and the six steps required to become a Certified Pomodoro Master

I have found that internal distractions like:
  • random thoughts popping up in your head
  • you wanting to do some any household chores
  • your priorities getting inverted and you get swayed towards useless tasks over the important work like the one you set up as a Pomodoro task
  • reading irrelevant-to-the-task-at-hand blogs, books, websites, etc
  • calling friends, using Facebook, Twitter, etc
are a big roadblock in not only the implementation of this productivity technique but also in general work satisfaction. And you cannot proceed in mastering the Pomodoro technique unless the lower levels are met. This is a current challenge in my productivity ladder :)

To increase your productivity drop multitasking as multitasking significantly lowers performance as compared to a sequential execution [4], for which give Pomodoro technique a try.

Further Reading and Resources

You may be interested in exploring the book Pomodoro Technique Illustrated: The Easy Way to Do More in Less Time (Pragmatic Life) or a physical tomato-shaped kitchen timer (up to 60 minutes).

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