When You Are Taking Time off, Do Not Play Video Games or Watch Movies

Even the most conscientious and productive person requires time off. Whenever you feel that you have earned a break and are relaxing with a video game or watching a movie from your favourite genre is something you will not regret, don't do those.

Instead, watch short, entertaining videos on knowledge e.g. Crash Course videos on YouTube cover topics like economics, psychology, philosophy. They are academic subjects and may not excite everyone, but the way they are presented will delight you, and you will walk away with new knowledge in your brain.

See, everything has a cost and choosing to relax in a dead weight activity is fine as the goal is relaxation itself. Here, I propose a better solution, where the primary purpose of relaxation is achieved with the byproduct of more knowledge.

Free and entertaining content is vying for your attention, and something is available for every interest. A couple of places I frequent are the Crash Course and FightMediocrity channel on YouTube.

Procrastination in a finite and irrevocable life is inefficient, and if health and leisure time is available, then I recommend eating your cake and having it too - relaxation, enjoyment, and knowledge.