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Your host, Gopal Aggarwal
Hello, I am Gopal Aggarwal. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your interest.

I am born and brought up in Punjab, India. From my early days, I've shown interest in technology, complexity and analyzing way more than kids of my age.


My father observed this gift of extreme male brain and went out of way to nurture, encourage whatever could be my calling. This included distance drawing lessons, a Casio Magic Diary requested from his merchant navy friend. My grandfather also helped me by seeing me to computer courses from institutes like NIIT, ISCT for MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Visual FoxPro etc.
Dear father, grandfather and grandmother, I thank you for the things you've done for me.
I took to software as a duck takes to water - all that complexity of thought to code, discipline till the last semi-colon, and the awe when the screen would scroll into action and produce the output as desired is enjoyable. My father got a personal computer (expensive in those days), a VSNL Internet connection (when we used to pay by the seconds of being online). I would spend time tweaking my computer, formatting and installing Windows frequently etc. 32 MB of RAM was all that was required for Windows to run smoothly!

One of my articles published in
Lyallpur Khalsa College annual magazine.
All this while, English reading and writing also shone through me as another one of feathers in my hat. My classmates were all so jealous of this. Ha ha. To my happiness and contentment, I used to get my articles published in school annual magazine, college magazines etc. My blogging experiences were published in a newspaper also.

After my schooling at APJ School, Jalandhar, I did graduation in Information Technology at Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar. Surprisingly, there I got attracted to NCC and army in general. I scolded myself for not considering military as a career option till now. Maybe because I have a total civilian background, that's why.


Once I noticed my charm for Army, I went in all guns blazing to make an informed decision about a career as an officer in Indian Army. This included joining the college NCC, attending at least one camp which gives a taste of army life, and then, sitting alone and contemplating what I want in life, and will I get satisfaction in military.

I attended Army Attachment Camp
under 2 SIKHLI
I must mention one of my NCC seniors who explained to me frankly that being a soldier is not a choice or a decision. It is something you cannot help, your inner being must constantly resonate with the desire to serve in the military, if you want it to turn out good for both of you - the soldier, and the army. I thank him for his fatherly and heartfelt advice that day when were sitting in the NCC office.


After deciding to serve in military, it was a series written exams of CDSE, direct entries and three SSB Interviews which I could not clear, after which I realised and accepted my ineptitude for military. With a heavy heart, I reconciled to a life of a software person. It hurt a lot at the moment, but it's okay.


After that I did post-graduation in computer applications (MCA) from one of the best universities of Punjab - Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar - after earning 4th rank in Punjab in unreserved quota. I used to read so much in the library during those days, it was fun and enlightening. Soon, the relaxed days of father's money were and should end, so I began thinking about which programming language I wanted to earn my bread and butter in.
My next big decision was system programming, or application programming?
I remembered the higher complexity involved with languages closer to hardware and that sometimes C/C++'s advanced features can be tough. But directly catering to a client in application programming is tough, I thought. One thing led to another, the abundance of Web Development jobs, near my home in Chandigarh, and my experiments with websites in graduation excited me towards Web Development as a profession.

I did research, and then my decision was between .NET and PHP. Long story short, I chose to become a Web Developer in PHP and related technologies.

Also, I love animals and have had the luxury of owning many dogs, some at home and some stray! As you must have sensed a pattern, I love reading and writing too - being called bookworm is a thing of pride to me. I enjoy photography also.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this far. I guess now you know me better than I know you. Please feel free to write to me, to introduce yourself, anything I can help you with, tell me if I have been in any way helpful to you, or to just say hi!

Yours truly
Gopal Aggarwal


  1. Hi sir,i m smruti,i want to improve my programing language C.how i will improve please suggest me

    1. Hello Smruti

      Thank you for your query, but you will have to pardon me for not being able to guide on improving programming in C language as I have not worked in C professionally and my experience is limited to school and colleges. You may search on Google for resources on C programming language.

      However, I may be able to guide you in the fundamentals, the base skills on which any programming language skill is constructed.

      General Skills

      Programming is the art of analyzing a problem, breaking it into steps and telling the (dumb) machine your intentions using a well-defined and rigid language e.g. C programming language.

      Thus, some fundamental skills are the foundation. Whatever be the programming language - C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript etc - the core process is the same.

      Start thinking more logically. Look at everything and break it down. Ask yourself - if I had to tell a dumb machine, or say and alien to do this, what will I tell it?

      Embrace rigidness of syntax. Accept that to make the machine understand your intentions, you have to be precise. Unlike interacting with humans, where even a lot of confusion or inexactness may not affect the understanding of the message, machines require precise messages i.e. computer programs.

      Practice programming with interest and passion. Utilize the Internet to clear your doubts using search engines like Google, question-and-answer sites like StackOverflow. Learn from others, and share your knowledge. A good idea for those with the opportunity would be teach programming to interested students etc.

      If you like reading and have some time to spare, kindly read The Mythical Man-Month (See more recommened books for programmers).

      I hope I have been able to help you or at least point you in the direction.

      Warm regards
      Gopal Aggarwal


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